A common misconception is that energy-efficient or eco-friendly houses are expensive to build. Many people ask ‘how long does it take to pay the investment back?’ That’s a valid question but you also have to think the pros of having an energy-efficient house for your family and the environment.

The less electricity a house uses the better right? Why not have a cheap to run house that harnesses the suns energy or stores rainwater so that we can have a smaller impact on Mother Earth! The health benefits of living in an energy-efficient house is a whole other story too!

But if you’re still not convinced, we’ve decided to tackle this ‘higher build cost’ issue front on. We’re releasing an affordable range of energy-efficient homes that cost you less. These homes will have as many energy-efficient features as your budget allows… Making them truly affordable. We work within your budget to successfully merge the ’not negotiable’, the ‘definitely want’, the ‘nice to have’ and the ‘what we can afford’ features.

EcoBuilts ‘Affordabuilt’ range looks like most other houses in the street, but the features that will turn a common home into an energy-efficient home will be there. They’re just hidden behind the walls, the ceilings or under the floor!! At the end of the month, your electricity bills will be a lot lower than your neighbours too. You can then start thinking about the other things you want, like that dream wedding or holiday, or a new car (a hybrid of course) or maybe even the freedom to work less so you can spend quality time at home with your loved ones.

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To create a cheaper, environmentally responsible way to live that doesn’t ‘cost’ the Earth.!

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